23 August 2013

Pick Up: there is no uming and O.R.ing in MY queue part 2


Panel 1:

Ryan and Michael are walking to the front of the queue to see what the problem is.
1st Security Guard: Good evening ladies. Have you got ID on you?

Panel 2:

1st security guard checks the ID

Panel 3:

Then he check her chest

Panel 4:

Finally he check out her legs
1st security Guard: Okay, go on through

Panel 4:

Ryan turns to Michael Ryan: Michael, I think we have found the problem.
1st Security Guard: NEXT.

Well there are several problems here, where the hell did the 2nd security guy slide off to?

I apologise for the long long absence, I'm still not satisfied with my drawing ability, hopefully practise makes perfect. Anyway how to you solve a problem of a wandering eye?

3 May 2013

Pick Up: there is no uming and O.R.ing in MY queue part 1


Panel 1:


Panel 2:

Ryan:What are we going to do?
Michael:Nothing. I'm British, I know how to queue.

Panel 3:

Ryan:But what if we could speed it up?
Ryan is rubbing his hands together and looking mischievous. Michael on the over hand looks intrigued and curious.

Okay quite a bigger gap than I said, my delay was due to nervousness over drawing panel 2, as it turns out wasn't that hard and it's okay my art sucks. I'm annoyed I can't draw someone rubbing his hands together.

Since this is part 1 I written part 2 and 3 already. You can guess in the comments what you think Ryan is going to do next.

3 February 2013

Pick Up: Pulling the guys


Panel 1:


Panel 2:

Ryan:hmm <eyes closed, head tilted to one side>

Panel 3:

Ryan:and then... <smooch face>
Michael:What in all-the-numbers-that-have-2-in-it are you doing?

Panel 4:

Ryan:playing a scenario where I team up and apply the Nash equilibrium.
Michael:you want to "score" the blonde girl from the film "A beautiful mind"

Panel 5:

Ryan:<sigh>No, the other girls.
Michael:okay good, what am i here for then?

Panel 6:

Ryan: To help me pull guys to help pull girls

Panel 7:

blank look

Panel 8:

side on, Michael is serious.
Michael:okay, let's do this.

the comic

The proof for all numbers contain 2 was done on numberphile youtube for the proof we just consider positive integer numbers and count the numbers that contain 2 under 10, then numbers that contain 2 under 100 and the percentage of numbers that contain 2 goes up and you can keep on doing this and there is an equation to work it out. Watch the youtube video they do it for 3 but the same rules apply.

I assume most people in the maths area have watch "A beautiful mind". If you haven't I will try not to spoil it for you. A group of women enter a bar, there is one that stands apart from the rest (the blonde) and the guys are saying "best man gets the prize" Nash then saw what the outcome would be and came up with a different method where every guy wins and the blonde lady is left alone.

A guy who is a pick up trainer suggested looking for guys to help find and pick up women. Sounds strange but watch the video.

In the comic Michael the driver is not looking on the road on panels 2, 3, 5 and 7(purely coincidental). The seat belt was added after, if your driving you should always wear a seatbelt. The position of Michaels hands on the steering wheel is at the 10 and 2 position (on a clock) always good practise. The driver is in the left which means he's driving on the left hand side of the road (like they do in Britain).

I have wrote the script for the next one already so it should be up soonish.