23 August 2013

Pick Up: there is no uming and O.R.ing in MY queue part 2


Panel 1:

Ryan and Michael are walking to the front of the queue to see what the problem is.
1st Security Guard: Good evening ladies. Have you got ID on you?

Panel 2:

1st security guard checks the ID

Panel 3:

Then he check her chest

Panel 4:

Finally he check out her legs
1st security Guard: Okay, go on through

Panel 4:

Ryan turns to Michael Ryan: Michael, I think we have found the problem.
1st Security Guard: NEXT.

Well there are several problems here, where the hell did the 2nd security guy slide off to?

I apologise for the long long absence, I'm still not satisfied with my drawing ability, hopefully practise makes perfect. Anyway how to you solve a problem of a wandering eye?