15 February 2011

The Green Hornet

I went yesterday to the cinema to watch this. I actually watched it in 3D, it is not worth paying the extra money for 3D, the film is already good in 2D. The main idea of the film is its a hero film, I don't think they have superpowers but that's debatable (watch film and tell me what you think). I didn't know about this before but they wanted to frame themselves as the villains as apparently this is every heroes weakness. Also it means only the good guys would come after them and if they got caught, prison would mean they get respect rather than abuse. Seth Rogen would never be chosen for a hero movie (no offence) but this is perfect. The main character acts like he's 18 and in college i.e. party, booze and everything else. Then he has to change and become "The Green Hornet" which is a lot of fun to watch. The gadgets on the car by the way is amazing, might be a reference to a couple of James Bond movies.

The other thing I liked about this film was they got the crime locations off someone (no spoilers so far (I think)). Now good news is within the last week or so there is a new website set up that displays crime on a map. Which is a good way of spotting the troublesome areas, the police would more than likely advise against using spandex to patrol the streets and trying to be a hero.

The downside of the map is it's not accurate enough but there is data so if you wanted to build your own app, or analyse the numbers, why not check it out.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes as references, if you don't trust my review check out the rotten tomatoes link.

This should be pre dated to 3rd of February 2011

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