17 May 2011

interesting links 18/4/11 till today

Sorry for the delay I had 2 exams to revise for and i still have 2 courseworks to do before 27th may. I know. lovely!

#MathMaths 43: mosquitoes, ants & northern hairy-nosed wombats; ethnomathematics; routefinders; new symmetries; & more bit.ly/h3dfLF

how rude, and brilliant. Contradiction - Spiked Math http://t.co/l8MEp5N

Math/Maths 44: Prehistoric Sat-nav is back; @MoMath1 site; $24m book; 911 math help; snow; flu; sex; sport; Glee & more http://bit.ly/fvHeYf

RT @PeterRowlett nice 'optimisation gone wrong' case: Amazon's $23,698,655.93 book about flies http://bit.ly/fzTYlr

OR blogs i found:
ThinkOR http://t.co/WhFi8bO
Michael Trick has a few blogs http://bit.ly/5HNITY

The Movie Math Quiz Part 4 - Spiked Math http://t.co/Z8o2g4H

voting system on @PlusMathsOrg http://bit.ly/ibpAt4 and the wiki article on Arrow's paradox http://bit.ly/aiIO3r

ooh funky science i like BBC - Bang Goes the Theory - Hands-on Science http://t.co/XzBxipt

#MathMaths 45: Will Grigori ever speak to the press again?; AV; blood TSP; time; tombs; evidence-based policy & more bit.ly/iTusAZ

#MathMaths 46: Early Maths Day; Perelman; AV; Han shot 1st!; Paul the Octopus; PvNP; Humanistic Math; circadas; & more http://bit.ly/ilLC3Z


JOST A MON: Carnival of Mathematics 77 http://t.co/V8bY5Uv

ha ha ha-sex and maths- Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks http://t.co/I7yOhIS

#MathMaths 47: fave nums; 6/2(2+1); is maths finished? discovered or created?; arts v. science; stereotypes; and more. bit.ly/jcZlwl
Next MathMaths will be streamed live hopefully around saturday 4th June.

Gadgets and tech
Square-the amazing card payment for iphone, very nice http://t.co/L6cX8yL

easter eggs in your mac http://t.co/9NPrg33 via @theappleblog

spotify changes for free account http://t.co/iE6XTGy it's good well it wont affect me much

LiveProfile - blackberry, android and iphone- http://itun.es/i6R3Jh #iTunes #freetexts my cousin told me alright so leave it out- i have to say i may have more free texts/calls apps than people to actually use it with, some people would call it ironic!

blocks website for a certain time frame- may improve my revision....LeechBlock :: Add-ons for Firefox http://t.co/ywoXX71

Spotify download service takes on iTunes by The Gadget Show http://t.co/jSIec12

amazing if it was in the uk, earn money by walking around-Gigwalk in the iTunes App Store http://t.co/jDeNsSp

1st person video game with no video, its an audio experience- 5 stars-Papa Sangre http://t.co/5vvonqI the website http://t.co/ZVdftFV

YouTube - The Axis of Awesome - Lazyeye (007) http://t.co/feTOtZq it made me laugh

RT @Nitrome: Hey Nitromians, Our highly anticipated game "SteamLands" has now been released! http://bit.ly/egc9gn

@Steven_moffat seems like he's starting on Sherlock Holmes

Luv@FirstTweet | Twitter Online Dating, Tweet and Meet, Connect with Singles http://t.co/8hYSLFu

nice pics RT @big_picture: The Royal Wedding http://t.co/O7RMhRd #royalwedding #rw2011

Super 8-shooting movie on iphone, i think its based on a film of the same name which is coming out soon ish http://t.co/d8Af5el

House is renewed for an 8th season

RT @Nitrome: Hi Nitromians! We have released our latest game Test Subject Green! :D check it out here! http://bit.ly/jZg3XJ

just updating my glee spotify playlist http://bit.ly/hdHuoY

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