1 September 2011

Film reviews rankings (no maths here)

I manage to see a film in the cinema nearly every Tuesday, so i do see a lot of film. When I rank film, i normally base it on how much i want someone to see the film in the full cinema experience, this is normally confusing as some bad films get high reviews because they look incredible.

So I have come up with a different system, this is based on DVD collection:
  1. Absolutely rubbish film, if it comes on the TV, change the channel.
  2. Don't waste your money on buying the DVD, Just watch it on the TV.
  3. I don't think you should own the DVD, so just rent it.
  4. The film is lacking something, but the DVD is still worth owning.
  5. Watch in the cinema and definitely buy the DVD.
Unfortunately I do own at least one film that belongs to each of the different ranks. <sigh>

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