10 October 2011

Job hunting-feel out this questionaire...

If your in my position (finished university)you will be now job hunting. Depending on what sites you go to, instead of wanting your CV, they want to ask you questions about certain criteria's that they will be judging you on. These questions will be different on every website you do, but the type of questions will be near enough the same. Instead of typing out your answer on every site you go to, I would recommend you make a document which has these type of questions on there, so when you go to a website which asks a question you have previously answered, you can copy and paste your answer and then tweak it to fit what that website requires of you.

Here is some questions to get you thinking about:
  1. Describe a situation when you identified a new way of doing something, which affected other people. How did you convince the others that it was the right thing to do?
  2. Describe a recent situation when you have had to overcome a challenge. What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve these?
  3. Describe a situation which demonstrates how you applied your analytical skills to solve a problem
  4. Describe a time when you have worked within a team. What attributes did you bring to the team? What did you learn about your own behavior in this situation and how would you change your behavior in a similar situation in the future?
  5. What are your spare time interests? Please explain why these are important to you and include any areas of responsibility

Specific questions

Why have you chosen to join <insert company name>? What has influenced your choice of business area and what particularly interests you in the <insert company scheme>?

Modelling/problem question

  1. Quantitative Analysis This Refers to a situation where the analytical questions have been established and you need to produce a concrete and quantified solution using numerical analysis and /or modelling. Please describe:
    1. Your role
    2. Any analytical techniques you used and how you used them.
    3. How you used available data or produced it.
    4. How you assessed the accuracy and usefulness of your results
  2. Drive for results It is important that OR analysts plan their work clearly and can respond to clients requests within deadlines, being proactive and using initiative when problems arise. Please describe:
    1. Your role in the project;
    2. Your objective and the steps you took to plan and monitor the project;
    3. How you dealt with challenges, both foreseen and unexpected.

You may not get these exact question, but it will be along the same lines as these. If you are job hunting good luck out there, and be careful of spam website and spam job posting.

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