22 January 2012

Physica website testing week 1

The website is finished (sort of Scalar module isn't done yet), all that is left to do is testing. I have received all the Physica test cases and as of Monday I have begun testing the website. Unfortunately some of the test cases are 6 years old so they may need to be updated and isn't exactly helpful.
On the plus side I will be able to test any silly mistakes I have made whilst making the website. Silly mistakes I have made so far and have corrected:
  1. In the Geometry module, gravity couldn't be set below zero.
  2. Also in Geometry module gravity Z wouldn't display
  3. In the Monitor module OUTPUT_INTERVAL was misnamed
  4. In Generic module the code doesn't include "TRANSIENT_RUN"
  5. Also in Generic module>transient>Delta_t>Cfl_Based CFL_LIMIT misnamed
  6. under Generic module>Transient END_TIME default is 1.0E+20
  7. In Inform Option New doesn't reset everything. Also need to add a confirm button for option New
  8. Material properties module doesn't display the code after refresh
  9. not put a confirm new button on inform page
  10. not put in the extra JavaScript needed to display content when clicked on
  11. put an option for FALSE_TIMESTEP and UNDER_RELAXATION to use
Some mistakes that need further investigation:
  1. In Free Surface module>SOLVE_FREESURF CONVECTION_METHOD is missing, one of the options is VAN_LEER
  2. under Free surface module>Level_set_method LSM_WIDTH not found when running Physica
  3. test cases>apps>fill04 run-time error M6201:MATH
Note to self
  1. in the test cases under apps fill01, fill02, fill03, fill04 removed the extension ".gz". gz extension is a file compression
  2. fill04 Inform file solidification module a lot of the code can be set in material properties module
  3. mesh builder page has been updated to included everything, does need checking though
  4. Generic module USER_INTERVAL_SAVE produces images if you have the plotpar file, if not use USER_MODULE
  5. have to put Geometry file first for some reason otherwise it produces errors

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