3 May 2012

What is a facebook page rss feed?

The author who i found this out from ahrengot.com/ found out when you go to a page it sometimes has numbers after it i.e. Mousehunt which page is

You can use the number to create a rss feed which looks like this
This works, some pages still have this feature which is brilliant.

Unfotunately facebook has upgraded the pages, which is good for design and looks good but they forgot about the people who like rss. Fear not, whilst scrolling through the comments one person (Stanwin) found the solution. What he did was on the page you want the rss off, go to photos (i presume this works with other stuff) click on an image and the url will look like this:

The number in bold is the one your interested in and you repeat what you did before so rss looks like
And there you go it's all done.


  1. I tried this and all I get is "Facebook feed syndication error" or smth like this... It tells me to go to timeline to get the correct address for RSS but there is none :(

    1. Oh rubbish, you might want to try the original article (1st link) to find a solution, or put some of the links here and we'll see what we can do.

  2. http://fbrss.com/ does work :) Only problem is that it includes all posts from the particular page in RSS feed, not only page posts but also posts made by other users :/

  3. whats the page you want to have the rss feed for?