6 March 2011

iMovie 09 editing: delete video keep audio

I have a lot of video at home, most of them movies. My plan is to convert them to DVD for home use only (no crime has been committed). My first job was to find something to connect my video to my computer, i found something online for £60. Then I had to find wires to connect it up (it didn't come with it), which I had because we had to connect it to the tv somehow. Recording it was fine, but its the edits which is hard. which brings us to iMovie 09.

Editing clips and cutting out segment is easy. Just split the clip into however many segments, now selected the clip you don't want and then delete clip selection. Told you it was easy.

I had a problem on one film, the video paused but the audio just kept on going. My first thought was split the clip and detach the audio and move the audio along. But no, you can move the audio back but not forwards. So I moved another copy of the film over to the project bit (at the end), edited the clip (i.e. listening to the clip), detaching the audio and moving the audio back to where the video froze. Then just to make sure the old audio doesn't get in the way, i went to audio adjustments and used ducking (other track can be reduced in volume) and bingo bango baby it's done.

update- forgot to mention you then delete the video from that clip you imported. Also in case you didn't know if you delete the clip you also delete the audio that goes with it, it's a pain in the arse, I know

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