7 April 2011

interesting links

unfortunately I didn't realise how much time my MSc would take of my personnel time so this is a short blog on links I have discovered on twitter and blogs I read. Enjoy. since i plan to keep this up weekly (it may not) i am going to look back to 24 march till today.

Maths and Stats
How to write math equations (integrate Latex) in Blogspot/Blogger « Mathematics and Multimedia

apparently this is googles uk magazine website 'think quarterly' with data but i can't seem to get it to work...

a fractal joke, very nice-Math-Frolic http://t.co/qKfGAYQ

Bank note in india £0 http://t.co/cQ5ZW5P

a MATLAB like environment-Scilab WebSite http://t.co/THxwGN7
according to @walkingrandomly 's blog

we're sorry the number you have dialed is imaginary. please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again MJ4MF maths jokes

cryptology no reward but definitely a challenge-FBI — Help Solve an Open Murder Case, Part 2 http://t.co/uYhhzXv #maths #puzzle via @alexbellos

In America it is Math Awareness Month http://t.co/uOGlvUX link via Math-Frolic

Maths podcast MathMaths http://t.co/dhxD3y3

Math Poems from MJ4MF

Plus podcast on sport engineers or read the article

Film and TV
RT @RottenTomatoes: Captain America: The First Avenger trailer pumps it up. Watch it: http://bit.ly/gC65Rt

Prequel for Doctor who

Hugh Laurie sings http://bit.ly/h71wrA

Android and me

MoxierWallet secure your accounts http://t.co/gGFBNsi

Viper- free calls on iPhone, iPad and iPod link via theappleblog

Plugin for your browser- Tineye find out who is in a picture http://t.co/JuOP1fQ

Video of game on iPad called Slice (knives and blood) http://t.co/PoSHbgx

New And Improved! 62 Movie Twitterers You Should Follow-Empire http://t.co/y4AdcO0

Axis of Awesome-youtube video "Can You Hear the F***ing Music Coming Out of My Car?" http://t.co/aI00IjS

Nitrome game-Knight trap

Glee spotify playlist http://bit.ly/dQlN9d

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