25 July 2011

html page advance php

I just found out when I did Material Properties module that the code was around 109,000 lines so it was being sluggish, so the idea was to store information on the server, from w3 school and there were two ways of doing server bits. ASP wasn't recommended as it was oldish and also pc only, so i had a look at PHP. It stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, I hate self referencing, such a pain.

PHP is the code which gets processed by Apache on the server and MySQL I think is where you store whatever you want.

According to a couple of websites on snow leopard, you don't need to install php it's already on there, you just need to do a couple of tweaks.

A couple of things the websites forgot to mention was to view the PHP you don't view it as a file in the internet browser e.g. file:///Users/james_p_clare/Sites/MScWebsite/linktest.html you have to view it on Localhost so it will look something like this http://localhost/~james_p_clare/MScWebsite/PhysicaModule.php. Also to view PHP file have to have the extension .php otherwise it won't work. I spent two days not knowing the last two facts. Ahhhhhh.

If your not a mac user w3 schools does direct you to a website which lists other OS. Although a google search maybe better. good luck

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