30 August 2012

a while ago I said I may post comics or drawings on here. Well I have done a rather hint of rudeness comic:
In case you can't tell the script is this:

GIRL: Hmm nice what aftershave is that?
GUY: It's not aftershave it's citrus shampoo
GIRL: wow wonderful
GUY: Yeah. If I get get lucky, my other regions smell real good.

Not the best script (or drawing) but I wasn't planning on being amazing, just constantly improving. That was a slightly true story. I don't wear aftershave mainly because I'm forgetful and I don't think it adds a nicer smell. Someone said I smelt nice, I knew it wasn't aftershave cause I don't wear any. It was in fact my underarm (antiperspirant deodorant) that smelt nice (the last panel I added cause I thought it was a good joke). Anyway I had an idea for a (maybe) less rude comic idea, here is the script:

GUY:The title for this book is wrong, there is not 50 shades there is infinity shades of grey, anyway what is this book about?
GIRL: A girl talking about S & M.
GUY: You mean Single Machine scheduling.
GIRL: Er...not quite.

The end goal is maybe come up with a running storyline, for the moment though I'll just have fun.

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