21 December 2012

Pick Up: It's a golden car

Ryan: So whose car are we going in?
Michael: mine
Ryan: What? I thought it would be mine because mines cool
Michael: It is cool but my car has dimensions which are closer to the "Golden Ratio"
Ryan: Does this mean what I think it means?
Michael: I don't know
Ryan: It's a real lady puller
Michael: Not exactly... the gears are spaced to make it more fuel efficient. It has a go fast stripe though!

The golden ratio value is irrational so to 5 decimal places it is 1.61803. A while ago someone did a experiment putting different rectangle on a sheet of paper and they asked volunteers to select the most beautiful rectangle and would you have guessed it, it was the one that had a ratio of 1:1.61803... among other reason like Fibonacci numbers this is why this number may be considered beautiful. Sorry it has been so long, had to have the script tweaked, the car is meant to be based on the old volvo cars, nice and boxy. They have hat and scarves because it's winter and cold, sorry about facial expressions. Like I said before if you are a better artist or you know someone who would do this for FUN, get in touch.

Also it's the time of year for presents (Yay!) the giving and receiving of presents. For some people just staying warm is hard enough. The reason I'm saying this is as mathematicians we don't really believe in luck we believe in chaos and probability. Some people have everything going for them then that small chance of probability hits and things gets worse. Someone's situation may be their fault but some of it could be down to the pesky "no-way-is-that-going-to-happen" probability. Maybe this Christmas think of others. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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